To Reco do Bandolim who facilitated the creation of a special moment for club members at the Clube do Choro, narrating the history of choro with emphasis on great Brazilian authors.

To dear businesswoman Mércia Crema who so kindly recei­ved members at her beautiful Pousada dos Pireneus, providing pleasant, unforgettable moments.

To academics Arlete Sylvia, Edylcéa Nogueira de Paula and Murilo Veras who accepted invitation of club President Cosete to take part in Reading Encounter in Pirenópolis and presented, in a clear, appealing manner, the synthesis of one of their books, giving members the opportunity for debate.

To patrons who sold all of their tickets, contributing to the success of fashion show by Victor Zerbinato.

To the Ambassador of Poland, Katarzyna Braiter that even absent an altruistic gesture and affection provided the dependence of the Embassy of your country to carry out the CIB event.

To designer Vitor Zerbinato which received warm aplusos the select audience for its beautiful summer fashion collection.

To businesswoman Celia Neves, representative of stylist Vic­tor Zerbinato in Brasília and club partner for the event in which she attended to preparation and presentation of models so perfectly.

To member Afaf El Majzoub who so kindly offered her home for the gastronomy meeting, at which time Gertrud Margot Flugel

Mathias and Mônica Beraldo demonstrated their culinary talents, preparing delicious recipes.





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