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Founded in 1973 by Maria Koplowitz (USA) and by Ana Maria Sarcinelli Garcia (Brasil).
The International Club of Brasília aims at promoting social integration of women living in Brasília as well as cultural exchange and support of social service and cultural activities.

The purpose of the Club shall be to establish contacts between women of different nationalities, for the promotion of peace, understanding and cultural exchange.

Its roots sprang from a belief in friendship and better understanding as ways to conquer language and cultural differences, working together toward common goals. Members of the Club cooperate rather than compete, opening their hearts and their homes to women from all nations.

The International Club, created in various countries after World War 1º, offers an extraordinary meeting place for women from all over the world. Ideas and enthusiasm are shared, re­newing the hope for building a more peaceful world, as friendship and understanding among women grow.






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